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Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards

Adam Edwards is an intern at Salford Systems, and a PhD candidate in statistics at Virginia Tech. He has extensive experience in statistical collaboration at working as a walk-in consultant, and a lead collaborator at Virginia Tech’s Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis before mentoring a group of newer statisticians as a pod leader. In Morogoro Tanzania, he helped found the Sokoine University of Agriculture Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Statistical Analysis. His first foray away from academics into the world of predictive analytics came as an intern in the risk department of American Credit Acceptance.

Adam’s software expertise is in R, and he has taught several short courses on the subject: Introduction to R, An Intro to Graphics in R, A Tutorial on Shiny in R, and Intro to Web Scraping in R.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys cooking, rock climbing, and guitar.

Tuesday, 09 August 2016 09:27

The Perfect Model for Every Scenario

Time Series? Spatial Models? Experimental data? Observational Study? Plunk it right in there.  It’s all the same.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 07:20

Interpretability over Accuracy

If researchers can’t understand a provided answer, it is not viable.  They can’t write about techniques they don’t understand beyond “Here are the numbers.  Look how pretty my model is.” Good research, that ain’t.

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